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Being The Owner Of A Wrinkle Free Face

As we grow older it is quite natural for us to have wrinkles on our faces. If you tried to understand how wrinkles appear you would know that they appear because our facial skin has been folding at the same spot for years. For example, if you look at your face while you laugh you will see the skin folding near the mouth as well as near the eyes as they become smaller. When you do this over and over again, after a certain time the fold marks just appear there permanently without vanishing. However, when you grow older these perfectly natural fold marks can add a kind of oldness to your look which is not pretty.

There are mainly two ways to deal with these facial wrinkles.

RejuvenationIf you have been someone interested in cosmetic treatment then you know the term rejuvenation. That means giving a new life to the damaged skin which is covered with wrinkles. This is mainly done using perfect dermal fillers in Singapore in today’s world. What happens during that treatment is simply inserting soft tissue filler to the area that is troubled with wrinkles. Once this is inserted that area will not appear wrinkled as long as what you inserted is there.

However, now, with different researches and studies done in the field to find even better solutions to wrinkles certain professionals have found a treatment method call prejuvenation.

PrejuvenationIn rejuvenation the treatment happens when the wrinkle problem has become a problem. However, in prejuvenation your face is given life before wrinkles become a problem. By using the highly result delivering Botox or botulin treatments available today you can keep the fresh and beautiful face you own without ever stepping into a time where your face is covered with unpleasant looking wrinkles.

Many people object to botulin treatments because they fear it will give them a mask of a face which does not have the ability to react as it cannot show emotions or expressions. There was a time when this treatment was not so perfect. As a result, the normal skin lines that should appear on our face when we are making an expression did not happen making it impossible for someone who got a botulin treatment to express his or her feelings. However, these days, the treatments make sure you do not have to go through such troubles. It offers you the ability to show your feelings. Only the wrinkles are stopped from becoming a problem. By following prejuvenation you can get better results.