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Factors To Consider When Recruiting Employees

Your employees are the most important element of your organization and hence they need to be selected carefully. Your organization’s productivity and efficiency depends on the quality of your people. Gone are the days when you select employees purely based on their qualifications. In this rapidly changing modern world, creative skills are also vital. So here are some of the key factors you need to consider when selecting employees for your business.

1. Education and skillsThis is of course the first factor you will look into in a person. To ensure you’ve chosen the correct person, consider his educational qualifications and set of skills. If the job requires specific skills and expertise, then of course you need to look into them. If not, look for basic skills such as general computer skills, considering the fact that most business processes have been computerized. If your employees cannot operate the simple ERP software system for keeping your inventory in check, then it would be difficult for him to work.

2. Attitude and confidenceEmployees can make or break an organization. You need to surround yourself with people who believe in your vision and will give their fullest support to achieve it. A positive attitude is a must since if even one employee gives out a negative vibe, chances are that all will follow which drastically affect your organization’s productivity. Also, confidence is a key factor since such people are the ones who can nail down customers. If they seem to be backwards and scared of expressing themselves, it may not be a very good sign.

3. IntegrityYou need to ensure your employees are trustworthy and will be loyal to you since he will be able to access all basic information such as customer records, invoices etc. in your ERP system in Singapore. If possible, do a background check on them to ensure they are trustworthy. Also, it is important that he keeps to his word. For example, if he promised to get back to a customer within a certain time period, he needs to get back so that the reputation of your company is not tarnished.

4. CreativityCreativity is a trait that has become very important to survive in the market. Competitor companies may be coming up with so many new products, ideas and concepts. You need to be creative too to be ahead of the game. A person thinking ‘outside the box’ is what you need to search for. During the interview, you could give him a problematic situation and ask him for a creative solution. If he does succeed to solve it, you’ve got your man right there!