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How Corporate Vehicle Deals Differ From Individual Bookings?

You might wonder whether it becomes cheaper to book a ride through your corporate travel desk or simply use a mobile app to make a booking for a ride as per your choice. Nowadays there are several vehicle agencies that make hire of a vehicle an easy process. However, the rate differential needs to be factored in when you need a ride to and from your office on a regular basis.

Corporate tie-upsMost companies have a trusty car leasing  in Singapore service through which they can get easy rides for executives as well as arrange for pickup and drop for employees. As the arrangements are made through a contract that is reviewed yearly, the corporate rates for leasing or rentals come at cheaper prices than what an individual has to pay for a single booking. Hence, if you are traveling to and from your office you should try and avail of your corporate pick up and drop services. These are usually accounted in the corporate bills and employees are not charged for such transportation. In certain instances, however, a company might not have a tie up with a rental service. Hence, in such instances, employees can present their rental bill to get reimbursed for their travel costs.

Different benefits you enjoyIndividuals who work in an office can avail of the regular travel service the company provides. Often there are levels of travel privileges extended to employees depending on their title or job role. Senior executives are privy to exclusive sedan bookings while a lower level employee can avail of economical rides in town or when traveling long distance for work purposes. Often a corporate car leasing agency is tied up to provide quality rental solutions as per corporate requirements.

Exclusion of corporate travel servicesOften employees wish to avail of a company travel solution, but are not offered such rides. That could be when one is taking a personal tour or travel when they cannot avail of the corporate rental service. However, in certain cases, a rental agency might extend the discounted rates to employees of a company that is a regular client. This helps to maintain goodwill between the parties and also assures additional business to the rental agency. With reliability of service and good quality vehicles provided, people prefer to use the services of a known rental agency that they are familiar with through their company travel services. Often rental agencies offer discounted rates or coupons to employees that they can use for personal travel requirements and similar such instances.