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How Employees Can Benefit From Cookery Sessions?

Often managers find their employees working in a set mode in the office and with complexities of work and internal politics, people often do not warm up or get to know the other socially. This can hinder productivity and make it difficult to build positive vibes in a team. In order to break the ice and allow people to know each other socially, it is important that they participate or be part of an event that brings them together in a social context. At the same time, if they work together to accomplish something they will also get to know each other’s nature better.

Group building through cooking sessions

The team building activities Singapore that are organized in the form of a cookery workshop can be structured in different ways; you could simply have a round table common cooking aim with a chef and a team demonstrating the steps or method and assisting the employees. Again, to make it more creative and stimulating, a short demonstration of a dish is followed by breaking up the participants into different teams who will then execute a dish within a said time or with certain ingredients. Even if it is a competitive mode of event employees have fun and end the session by sampling the dishes they cook for each other.

Benefits of cooking together

It might seem strange that employees in a corporate setup would get together to come and cook a meal together. However, there is nothing more human and social than making a meal and that is what helps to break the ice and bring employees together. When everyone works around a table to put ingredients together and create a dish, they need to help each other, know each other’s names, joke and laugh and so forth. Hence, in a relaxed setting they are able to put aside their differences at work and know each other as social humans. This is unlike what you will achieve at a workplace team building session.

Fun and relaxation

Unlike a corporate training session in a conference hall or a physically challenging team game where everyone needs to be alert and put in their physical energies, a cookery workshop promises to be more relaxed, creative and fun. People can interact, joke and laugh as well as learn something new. The creativity in the art of cooking stimulates people and brings forth a warmth and feeling of comfort that only food can bring. Hence, a cookery workshop that suits the taste of a group of employees will surely be something that everyone will look forward to.