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How To Remodel Your Kitchen Without Overspending?

No doubt, the kitchen is an important place for our homes. This is not only the place where the food is made, but if it’s in a family home, then it’s also one of the most memory holding rooms as well. We spend quite a lot of time in there; and also unfortunately, hardly ever take the moment to redecorate it.

Not unless there’s a fire and you have to do so.

One of the biggest reasons for why people generally avoid renovating or remodeling their kitchens; is the expense. But we are here to tell you that you can give your kitchen a makeover, and that too without over spending. Interested? Read ahead to find how…!

• Clear the clutter – this tip, is golden. No matter how lovely the interior design of your kitchen is, with years of constant use, it is going to turn shabby and gather clutter. By taking the time to clear away the clutter, you are once more freeing your kitchen to look how it did in the beginning!

• When walking is important – even in the kitchen. Even if your counters are not cluttered, if you’re finding it hard to move around your kitchen, simply because of how the furniture is placed, then you’re still going to feel like the place is a mess. Have clear paths all around the kitchen.

• Assign zones – and this can be done without professionals and HDB renovation in Singapore. Simply move your things to a more convenient spot. Divide the kitchen to zones such as the cooking zone, cleaning zone and even the prepping zone. Store accordingly.

• Store smartly – if you think that remodeling only means redecorating the outer appearance, you’ve got it wrong. Even arranging for more convenient storage falls into this category. If you have very little space, don’t forget to also consider ceiling storage as an option.

• Bring in the sunlight – truly, this makes a massive difference. Buy new curtains. Replace the blinds. Clean and make the window shine. Let the natural light flow in uninterrupted. This alone can make your kitchen feel like it’s got a makeover…

• Replace the lights – if your kitchen lights have dimmed with time, it’s the right moment to get them replaced. LED power saving lights are a great option! You might even consider buying newer and more modern light fixtures to suit your remodeled kitchen.

• The floor changeover – the kitchen is a high accident prone area. This means we wouldn’t be surprised if your kitchen floors are stained or scarred. If it is, consider giving it a changeover. Install or replace your tiles. Add in removable rugs too…!