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Possible Causes Of Aches In Your Foot And Sole

Aches and throbbing sensations or even pins and needles and some level of discomfort in your sole is not very uncommon, but to many, it can be very uncomfortable and can cause alarm. The Achilles tendon is one very common place where this sensation can be felt. Even though the pain itself can become a little debilitating at the onset and progression, it very rarely poses a serious health issue. Most of these sensations heal on their own and disappear in the span of several days or a couple of weeks. However, for some people the feeling never goes away and turns into a chronic condition. Here are some of the utmost common reasons of these aches and sensations.

Plantar fasciitis

This is the name given to a condition where there will be inflammation in the plantar fascia. This is a very strong yet bowstring-like muscle that continues from the calcaneum to the very edge of your feet.  Once the plantar fasciitis is strained too much or sprained in other words, the soft tissue fibres in the ligament will get inflamed and bruised, very often in the place where the ligament attached itself to the bone. Calf muscles can tend to cramp up if you have this condition where you Achilles tendon tightens way too much.  You may have to look at getting some best heel pain treatment in Singapore if this is the case.

Bursitis in the sole

There can be inflammation that takes place at the back of the sole of your feet also known as bursitis. If you happen to land at an odd angle or very hard on your feet, this condition may occur. Tight footwear that put too much pressure on the feet can also cause this. You will notice that the sensation of discomfort begins to increase as the day goes on and that the Achilles tendon itself appears to be swollen. The sensation may be localized to the back or the sole of the feet.


This condition can present itself very much in teenagers. The bone itself, in these cases is not fully mature and can cause rubbing which can then lead to too much bone being formed. This condition is very often spotted among teenagers who also have flat foot. Wearing high heels can also cause this issue to present itself among women.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

The big nerve at the back of your foot will get pinched or compressed, in other words something like getting trapped. This can actually be categorized under neuropathy and can happen in the ankle as well as the foot.