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Tips On What To Gift A Teenage Or Young Adult Nephew

If we ever want someone to feel old, we’d probably take them shopping for a teenager. Getting lost in those unfamiliar brands and gadgets is a sure way to feel old! This is especially true if they happen to be shopping for a niece or a nephew. If you have a teenage or young adult nephew, and are looking for gift ideas that don’t make your head spin with confusion, then the below tips and suggestions are just for you…!

• For the younger, still gaming teenager – we all have a brother, cousin, neighbor, or nephew who’s still young enough to be addicted to gaming. Not saying gaming is for the young alone, far from it. But for someone like this, anything related to gaming will make an awesome gift. Gift vouchers at game downloading sites, t-shirts or mugs with their favorite characters printed on them, gaming headsets…you have a lot of choices!

• When electronics have no age boundary – truthfully, we feel the love for electronics crosses all boundaries of age and gender. And with technology evolving in leaps and bounds the past few decades alone, we are more than spoilt for choices. Try to find an electronic device or gadget that will suit their current likes and interests. For example, if they show interest in photography, then a portable Wi-Fi printer could make a great gift for them.

• The perfect gift for the sneaker addict – is your nephew a shoe snob? Is he simply someone who loves his puma sneakers and wears them everywhere? Either way, a new pair of shoes will always make a great addition to their collection. If you’re not sure about colors or sizes, you can always opt for a voucher at their favorite shoe store.

• Sports fan? Got him covered – are the sneakers too expensive to buy, or is it too long a wait to wait for the next sneaker news to buy them the pair they really want? No problem. If your nephew likes playing sports, cater to that instead. For example, if your nephew loves shooting hoops, and spends hours in the court, make it easier for him to lug his stuff around. Gift him with a basketball travel backpack.

• Those little things that matter a great deal in college – is your nephew heading for college? Gift him something that will come in use for him there. iPads and laptops are of course great options, but chances are that they’d already own them. Think of opting for a smart bag instead; letting them charge all their devices on the go…!